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Pink on Pink
By Aron Larsson Firouzbakhsh at Corner Club, Stockholm

- 50ml Stockholms Bränneri Pink Gin
- 5ml Rhubarb pickle syrup*
- Schweppes Premium Mixers Tonic Pink Pepper
- Pickled rhubarb*
- Elderflower spray**
- atomizer

Dress the inside of a glass with a long piece of the pickled, shaved rhubarb. Add the ice, the pickle syrup and the Stockholms Bränneri Pink Gin. Top with Schweppes Premium Mixers Tonic Pink Pepper. Finalize with a spray of the Elderflower spray.

*Pickled rhubarb and pickle syrup
- 100ml vinegar essence(Ättiksprit 12%)
- 200ml sugar
- 300ml water
- Shaved Rhubarb
Heat vinegar essence, water and sugar to simmer. Stir to the sugar is dissolved. Pour over the rhubarb and let it cool.

**Elderflower spray
- A sprig of fresh elderflower flowers
- Vodka
Place the flowers in the vodka. Let infuse for 48 and strain.
Or: Mix equal parts of vodka and elderflower cordial
Pour into an atomizer.